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Beauty Salons Email List

From hair care products to salon equipment, makeup essentials to salon furniture, a wide range of businesses supply goods and services to beauty salons. With hundreds of suppliers marketing their offerings, you will need a smart marketing strategy to get the attention of your customers. Among all paid marketing channels, email marketing has emerged as a low-cost and highly effective marketing method to woo your customers and boost sales.

If you are looking for a high-quality email database of beauty salons in the UK, you can rely on APC.

How do we compile our email list of beauty salons?

The process we adopt to create an email directory of beauty salons in the UK is streamlined:

  1. Our dedicated research team goes through conventional mailing lists, public records, and business data
  2. We then manually search on the web, using search engine techniques to find each listed beauty salon in the UK.
  3. Our researchers visit each website to verify the details, the nature of the business, and the email addresses of Beauty Salons provided.
  4. We also include PAF verified postal addresses in many of our email lists
  5. Every few months, we send a test mail to the Beauty and Hair Salons email addresses in our database to check their validity
  6. Any emails that bounce are deleted and the database and directory is updated constantly

This process ensures we do not include email addresses from old directories or defunct websites that no longer are valid. You can check the date when the list was last updated on our website, right next to the email mailing list of beauty salons. Once you add the email list to the cart, you can complete the payment with few easy clicks to access the marketing list of beauty salons. While this is available in CSV format for download, you can save and open it in Excel.

How will an accurate email list of beauty salons boost your marketing efforts?

With an updated email database of beauty salons, you can ensure your marketing messages reach the right customers who are interested in your products and services. Customers are more likely to open and read emails from brands that they trust and like and messages that are relevant to them. A higher open and click-through rate can translate into better sales, improved brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

Our marketing lists of Beauty Salons are GDPR compliant which ensures there are no concerns of privacy violations, penalties, and reputation loss. Additionally, our email lists are well-researched to minimize the chances of hard bounces. Soft bounces are temporarily undeliverable emails due to server issues or the inboxes of recipients being full. Hard bounces are permanently undeliverable messages. Bounces impact your marketing campaign’s effectiveness while sending irrelevant messages that are not opened can lead to your emails getting blocked by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

With a reliable email directory of Beauty Salons you can personalize your messages, and acquire more customers. 80 percent of business professionals state email marketing helps improves customer retention. When you buy APC’s email directory of beauty salons, you are just a step away from revealing the immense potential of email marketing.

The Beauty Salons e-mail list, United Kingdom, is you doorway to more than 6000 email address contacts at Hair and Beauty Salons in UK. If your business involves selling products and services of interest to Beauty Salons, then you can begin to enlarge your customer base, reach potential buyers and increase your revenues.

We take this pride, being the top provider of Beauty and Hair Salons located in United Kingdom and in US as well (please click above to see more USA list details). Our email list will provide you access to 1,000 prospective clients giving your business the chance to explode sales and profits.  What makes this the standout industry mailing list? We do our research painstakingly with regular updates to the directory.  The list contains 6000+ active e-mail addresses at Beauty and Hair with business operations in United Kingdom. (Please see our new Australian list at

The Hair and Beauty Salons email mailing list is in .csv file format and is sent through a downloadable link shortly after your payment has been verified. The email list contains over 4000 Website addresses of Beauty and Hair Salons with more than 6000 up-to-date contacts.  Information on what region they are based in is also included.   Street addresses of snail mails are also included with most records although our focus is more on researching a directory and getting with accurate information.  Very simply, we can provide a high volume of accurate and updated email address of Beauty and Hair-Salons like no one can, and the list is available at a very reasonable price.  Every year, many women spend hours here and this industry has not been as badly affected by the economic downturn as many others.

Today, majority of the products in the world are sold via the internet. Companies today acknowledge the relevance of having reliable business mailing lists with email addresses. This improves the marketing of their business. The driving force behind competent advertising is the acquisition of an economic mailing list so as to target audiences who are involved in getting your goods and services. You can access many of our new Directories via these links;

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