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A decade or two ago most beauty and hairsalons were mainly visited by girls and women. However, these days both genders are aware of the importance of personal grooming. If you are always fascinated with how these salons work, and you wish you could visit them all one by one, your wish is about to come true if you take the time to look at the Directory, Database and Marketing List of beauty and hair salons. The list includes all kinds of hair and beautysalons, big and small, new and old. The variety is what makes the list interesting to own. One high-end place might charge you at least $100 per session regardless of what service you acquire from them, while another one is ready to accept $20 in return for a trendy haircut.

Some salons provide in the Directory complete personal, head to toe grooming services. When you visit such places, some of them might treat you like a V.I.P. customer. They are ready to create the most up-to-date hairstyle for you, and they can perform a complete facial treatment too. You can either request for the maintenance of your regular style, or you can ask them to create a new image for you. Many of these salons can really do it, as they have the right talent and skills to mark a difference in what they do.

For hair styling, they have variety of options to choose from, like curling, braiding, bleaching, straightening, re-bonding and trimming. If you have short hair and you want to have long hair on an instant, they can do it by using the hair extension technique. If you want your hair to look less in volume, the hair stylist can create a layered hairstyle for you.

For facial treatment most salons provide at least the basic procedure including cleansing, scrubbing, masking and moisturizing. Other more advanced salons may have access to laser technologies that can reduce or eliminate scars altogether, leaving the skin smooth and supple like a baby’s.

These beauty and hair-salons are also ready to provide manicure and pedicure treatment. See the Database. Their service may include nail polishing, hand and foot massaging, nail shaping and foot scrubbing. Apart from that, many salons also provide massage services whereby certain oils are applied to the body to provide total relaxation throughout the massage session.

You can certainly find a lot of new hair and beauty salons when you refer to the Database and Marketing List of beauty and hair salons. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female, as both genders are truly welcome.

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